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Fort Larned (1859-1878) - A U.S. Army post first established in 1859 as Camp on Pawnee Fork in Pawnee County, Kansas. The name was changed in 1860 to Camp Alert and finally renamed Fort Larned on 29 May 1860 after Colonel Benjamin F. Larned, U.S Army Paymaster General (1854-1862). Abandoned in 1878.

Fort Larned Commanding Officer's Quarters
Fort Larned Blockhouse
Fort Larned Barracks & Hospital


Established 22 Oct 1859 as a sod military post in the Kansas Territory. The original post was relocated 2.5 miles to the present location in 1860. The new permanent post was first built of adobe but was rebuilt in 1865 with sandstone blocks. The new buildings included a blockhouse, officers quarters, barracks, a hospital and stables. Construction was not completed until 1868.

Fort Larned was active during the Indian wars of the 1860s and was besieged by hostile Indians on five different occasions.

By 1878 most of the Indian tribes were moved to reservations and the Santa Fe Railroad was completed so Fort Larned was no longer necessary. The post was abandoned by the U.S. Army on 19 Jul 1878 and on 26 Mar 1883 it was transferred to the Department of the Interior.

Current Status

Part of Fort Larned National Historic Site, Pawnee County, Kansas. Many original buildings restored to 1860s condition. Interiors reflect the period. Period mountain howitzers. This is a must see post in outstanding condition.

Location: Fort Larned National Historic Site, Pawnee County, Kansas.

Maps & Images

Lat: 38.183106 Long: -99.218109

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  • Elevation: 2,060'



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