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Fort Lee (5) (1776-1783) - First established in 1776 as Fort Constitution (1) during the Revolutionary War. Named Fort Lee on 19 Oct 1776 after General Charles Lee, Continental Army. Abandoned in 1783.

Fort Lee Blockhouse
Fort Lee Fortifications
Fort Lee Cannon Facing the George Washington Bridge


Constructed on the New Jersey Palisades across the Hudson River from Fort Washington (3) in New York City. The two forts were built to block the British fleet from sailing up the Hudson River. In September 1776 British forces captured New York City and by November they had captured Fort Washington (3) with 3000 American soldiers and they were preparing an assault on Fort Lee. General George Washington ordered the garrison at Fort Lee to immediately retreat and they did, leaving behind supplies and artillery.

Current Status

Part of Palisades Interstate Park, New Jersey Section, Bergen County, New Jersey. Some period cannons in place.

Location: Palisades Interstate Park, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.8513889 Long: -73.9636111

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  • Elevation: 292'



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