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Fort Livingston (1835-1889) - Construction started as early as 1835 and completed in 1861. Located on Grand Terre island, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Named after Edward Livingston, Mayor of New York City, Senator from Louisiana and Secretary of State under President Andrew Jackson. Abandoned Feb 1889. Also known as Fort at Barataria and Fort on Grande Terre Island

Fort Livingston from Above.

Third System (1816-1867)

Part of the Harbor Defense of the Mississippi.

A brick and masonry Third System fort built to protect New Orleans by guarding the Barataria Pass access to the city.

U.S. Civil War (1861-1865)

The fort was seized at the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War by Louisiana Militia forces but abandoned by the Confederate forces 27 Apr 1862. The fort was not reoccupied by Union forces until 26 Feb 1863. After the war, the fort was not garrisoned and was left in the charge of caretakers. The last military caretaker, Sgt. Gill removed the last of the ammunition and abandoned the fort in Feb 1889.

Current Status


Location: Sea end of Grand Terre Island, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

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Lat: 29.2730 Long: -89.9448



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