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Fort Loudoun (4) (1756-1765) - A provincial French & Indian War Fort established in 1756 near present day Fort Loudon, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Named Fort Loudoun after John Campbell, Earl of Loudoun, then commander of the British army in America. Fort abandoned in 1765.

History of Fort Loudoun

Established in 1756 by Colonel John Armstrong and first garrisoned by Pennsylvania provincial troops. In June 1758 the garrison joined General John Forbes's army in the building of Forbes Road to take Fort Duquesne from the French.

After the fall of Fort Duquesne and the building of Fort Pitt it served as one of connecting line of forts along the Forbes Road.

The fort served as a base for Colonel Henry Bouquet's two expeditions in Pontiac's War (1763-1764). Garrisoned by a small British detachment until November 1765 and then abandoned as a fortification.

Current Status

Marker in town. Reproduced fort stockade constructed in 1993 on the exact site, no interior buildings. Stone marker at the south end of North Brooklyn Road.

Location: North Brooklyn Road, Fort Loudon, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.896432 Long: -77.88662

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  • Elevation: 640'

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