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Fort Lyttleton (1) (1756-1764) - A French & Indian War Fort established in 1756 near the present day town of Fort Littleton in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. Named Fort Lyttleton after Sir George Lyttleton, British chancellor of the exchequer (1755-56). Fort Abandoned in 1764. Also known as Fort Littleton.

History of Fort Lyttleton (1)

Construction began in December 1755 by George Croghan of a 100 foot square stockade with bastions at each of the four corners. Initially garrisoned by 75 Pennsylvania troops.

Used as one of the supply forts along the Forbes Road in the successful 1758 campaign by British General John Forbes to capture the French Fort Duquesne. Garrisoned by British and Provincial troops until 1760 and generally abandoned until briefly reoccupied in 1763 by local volunteers during the Pontiac's War.

Abandoned and in ruins by 1764.

Current Status

Stone monument and roadside marker.

Location: Fort Littleton, Fulton County, Pennsylvania. Map point is the roadside stone monument.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.06339 Long: -77.96109

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