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Fort Maidstone (1756-1760s) - A French & Indian War Fort established in 1756 in Berkeley County, West Virginia just across the Potomac River from Williamsport, Maryland. Probably abandoned as a fortification sometime in the 1760s.


Established in 1756.

A VA colonial militia stockaded fort at Evan Watkin's Landing and Ferry. The fort was built on the Evan Watkins farm near his ferry, Maidstone on the south side of the Potomac River across from present-day Williamsport, Maryland. It was on the main road connecting Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania which was originally known as the Great Indian Warpath now U.S. Route 11.

During the fall & spring of 1755-56, Watkins’s farm served as an outpost and depot for the Virginia Regiment and it came to include a magazine of munitions. On 8 May 1756, Colonel George Washington directed Captain Robert Stewart to fortify Maidstone. On 3 Jul 1756, Stewart informed Washington that the fort now had entrenchments with adjacent high ground and a guardhouse.

This fort was never directly assaulted by Indians and was probably abandoned as a fortification sometime in the 1760s. The abandoned log Fort Maidstone and the Rawlings tavern were still on the site when the Mason & Dixon line surveyors visited the site in September 1765.

Fort Maidstone Partial Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
Feb 1756 Lt. Lomax, John E. N/A
Feb 1756 Ens. Deane, John N/A
Apr 1756 Capt. Bell, David N/A
Mid 1756 Capt. Stewart, Robert N/A
Early 1757 Jun 1757 Capt. Stewart, Robert N/A
Jun 1757 Capt. Lewis, Joshua N/A
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Current Status

Unknown. A roadside marker on US 11 provides information about the ferry.

Location: Marlowe, Berkeley County, West Virginia.

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Lat: 39.59999 Long: -77.83374

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Fortification ID:

  • WV0180 - Fort Maidstone

Visited: No

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