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Fort Massachusetts (3) (1745-1748, 1754-17??) - First established in 1745 by British Colonel Ephraim Williams during King George's War in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Regarrisoned in 1754 during the French & Indian War.

King George's War (1744-1748)

Built in 1745 as the westernmost fort in a chain forts near the Hossac River during King George's War. Built as a stockaded 60-foot square log fortification on a stone foundation with watch tower platforms on the northwest and southeast angles. Eleven foot wide barracks formed the east and south walls.

The fort was attacked 26 Aug 1746 by a force of 900 French and Indians who captured the fort and destroyed it. British prisoners were marched to Canada where they were imprisoned. The fort was rebuilt the following year and withstood another attack on 2 Aug 1748 by 300 French and Indians. Regarrisoned by the colonial militia in 1754 during the French & Indian War.

Current Status

A reconstructed fort was dedicated in 1933 and operated for several years before it closed and was torn down. The site is now a Price Chopper supermarket parking lot.

Location: Price Chopper‎ Supermarket, 245 State Road, North Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.6994444 Long: -73.1436111



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