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Fort McDowell (2) (1865-1890) - First established as Camp Verde (2), 7 Sep 1865, by Lt Colonel Clarence E. Bennett (Cullum 1701), 1st California Cavalry. Named Camp McDowell (2) after Major General Irvin McDowell (Cullum 963) and later designated Fort McDowell on 5 Apr 1879. Ordered abandoned 1890.

Ruins at Fort McDowell
Church at Fort McDowell Site

Fort McDowell (2) History

Established to safeguard the trans-Arizona trails and to control hostile Indians. Ordered abandoned 18 Jun 1890, it was it was transferred to the Interior Department 1 Oct 1890 and became the Yavapai Indian Agency in 1891.

Current Status

Currently part of the Fort McDowell Indian Reservation. Only unidentified, scattered ruins are visible.

Location: Fort McDowell, Maricopa County, Arizona.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.6367105 Long: -111.6756938



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Fort McDowell (2) Picture Gallery

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