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Fort McLeod (1805-1952) - A North West Company trading post/fort first established in 1805 at the present day town of McLeod Lake, British Columbia. Named after Archibald Norman McLeod, a partner in the North West Company. Became a Hudson's Bay Company post when the two companies merged in 1821. Moved to a retail location in 1952. Also known as Trout Lake Fort and McLeod's Lake Post.

Fort McLeod Marker on Hwy 97 at the General Store
Fort McLeod Icehouse Signage
Fort McLeod Site, Left to Right Icehouse, Workshop, House and Warehouse

Current Status

Fort McLeod Marker Text

Fort McLeod National Historic Site of Canada. Four remaining buildings at McLeod Lake, British Columbia. Three buildings are from the 1920s and one is from the 1940s.

On site buildings (all closed)
  • Ice House 1946
  • Work Shop 192?
  • House 1929
  • Warehouse 1929

Restored in 1993-1991

The roadside marker for Fort McLeod is located alongside Hwy 97 in front of the general store.

Location: Carp Lake Road, McLeod Lake, British Columbia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 54.99245 Long: -123.039558

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  • Elevation: .....'

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