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Fort Montgomery (1) (1776-1777) - Established during the Revolutionary War on the Hudson River below West Point in 1776. Named after Brigadier General Richard Montgomery, New York Militia, commander of the fort. Abandoned in 1777.

Fort Montgomery Powder Magazine Ruins
Fort Montgomery Barracks Ruins
Fort Montgomery Grand Battery


In March of 1776 American troops began construction of Fort Montgomery to block a narrow stretch of the Hudson River below West Point. The post began with river facing gun batteries but expanded landward as the British threat evolved. A second fort, Fort Clinton (1), was built to protect the right flank of Fort Montgomery. A chain barrier was built across the Hudson River to prevent British naval forces from sailing upriver and threatening West Point. By October 1777, both forts were complete and the chain was in place.

A British force of 3000 under Sir Henry Clinton sailed up the Hudson and landed at Stoney Point. General Clinton sent 900 men to attack Fort Montgomery and the remainder to attack Fort Clinton. The British forces attacked on 6 Oct 1777 and, after a fierce battle, both forts were captured. Fort Montgomery was destroyed and the British garrisoned Fort Clinton (1) for a short while, before leaving and destroying it also.

Current Status

Fort Montgomery State Historic Site.

Location: Fort Montgomery, Orange County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.32389 Long: -73.98694

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  • Elevation: 131'

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