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Fort New Echota (1836-1838) - A U.S. Army post established in 1836 as Fort New Echota during the Cherokee Removal period in present day Calhoun, Gordon County, Georgia. Later renamed Fort Wool in 1838. Abandoned later in 1838.

Fort Wool Marker Locale at the New Echota State Historic Site. The marker is located behind the Worcester House at the back of the park.


Fort Wool Marker at New Echota State Historic Site

The town of New Echota was the capital of the Cherokee Nation from 1825 to their removal in the 1838. The town site is now preserved as New Echota State Park. A U.S. Army post was established in July 1836 adjacent to the town. The military post evolved from a temporary encampment of Tennessee Volunteers in 1836 into a more substantial post with a log blockhouse, two storehouses and barracks for two companies of Georgia Militia in 1838.

The remnants of the Cherokee Nation were rounded up in 1838 by Federal forces and Georgia Militia and pressed into military stockades for eventual removal to reservations in the western Indian Territory. U.S. General Winfield Scott oversaw the operation but lacked control over the militia units. Some 7,000 U.S. Soldiers and Georgia Militia forced some 15,000 Cherokee Indians into stockades and held them for removal. The condition were terrible in the stockades and on the trail to the Indian Territory and many of the Cherokees died before reaching the new reservations. As many as 4,000 Cherokees may have died in the stockades and on the 800 mile journey west. The removal process and the conditions of removal came to be known as the "Trail of Tears".

The post was abandoned in July 1838.

Current Status

A Fort Wool Marker is located in New Echota Historic Park at the back of the Worcester House. The fort site itself is located on private property south of the Park and is not open to the public.

Location: New Echota State Park, Gordon County, Georgia. The map (P) point indicates the State Park the actual site (F) is reportedly on private property south of the Worcester House (M). The fort site map point is approximate and may not be accurate. The Fort Wool Marker itself is indicated by the (M) map point.

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