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Fort Peachtree (1814-1815, 1864-1864) - First established in 1814 by 1st Lt. George Rockingham Gilmer, 43rd U.S. Infantry, during the Creek Indian War in Fulton County, Georgia. The site was reused in 1864 by the Confederate defenders of Atlanta. Abandoned in 1864 after the fall of Atlanta. Also known as Fort Gilmer (1) and Peachtree Fort.

Fort Peachtree Georgia State Marker
Fort Peachtree Marker Locale


Fort Peachtree was one of several forts built during the War of 1812 to control the Creek Indians who were allied with the British. The conflict with the Creek Indians became the first Creek Indian War. This post occupied a hill top that overlooked the Creek trading post town of Standing Peachtree just northeast of the junction of the Chattahoochee River and Peachtree Creek. The fort was connected with Fort Daniel, about 40 miles away, by an improved Indian trail that became known as Peachtree Road.

The post was built by 1st Lt. George Rockingham Gilmer, 43rd U.S. Infantry, and his command of 22 in early 1814. Gilmer went on to serve two terms as the Governor of Georgia and three terms as a U.S. Representative from Georgia. By March 1814, Fort Peachtree was described as having two large blockhouses, six dwellings and a framed storehouse. The post was abandoned for military purposes at the end of the War of 1812 in 1815.

U.S. Civil War

The site was reused by the Confederates in the defense of Atlanta in 1864 as the western end of the Peachtree Creek line. The position was abandoned after the battle of Peachtree Creek in July 1864.

Current Status

The marker for Fort Peachtree is located in the font yard of a private home. A replica of the fort was built by City of Atlanta Bureau of Water near the Atlanta Waterworks pumping station as part of the bicentennial celebration but access was not available during our visit in July 2010.

Location: Fulton County, Georgia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.82800919 Long: -84.45388333



Visited: 9, 13 Jul 2010

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