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Fort Pemberton (1) (1863-1863) - First established in February 1863 as a Confederate fortification on the Tallahatchie River. Named after Confederate General John C. Pemberton, (Cullum 917), also known as Fort Greenwood. Abandoned in June 1863.

Fort Pemberton Prak Stone Memorial. Click for larger view.
Fort Pemberton Earthworks.
Fort Pemberton Park with the Stone Monument at the Center, Earthworks in the Background.


Confederate forces under Confederate General John C. Pemberton constructed a fort at a narrow point on the Tallahatchie River to block Union gunboats from joining the siege of Vicksburg. The fort was built of cotton bales covered with earth and mounted one eight-inch rifle and some light guns, it was manned by 1500 men under Brigadier General William W. Loring. The steamship "Star of the West" was sunk in the channel as an obstruction.

On 11 Mar 1863, two Union ironclads attacked and were damaged by fire from the fort. The Union gunboats were unable to break through and abandoned the attempt to reach Vicksburg by the Tallahatchie-Yazoo route.

The fort was abandoned in late May and early June 1863.

Current Status

Now Fort Pemberton City Park. This is a small park difficult to spot from the road that contains only a stone monument and the remains of the fort earthworks.

Location: Fort Pemberton Park, Greenwood, Leflore County, Mississippi.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.53087 Long: -90.23387

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  • Elevation: 144'

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Visited: 11 Sep 2020

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