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Fort Pleasant (2) (1756-1780s) - A French & Indian War Fort established in 1756 near Old Fields, Hardy County, West Virginia. Abandoned as a fortification in the 1780s. Known by a number of variant names including Fort Hopewell, Fort Van Meter (3), Town Fort, Van Meter's Fort (2) and Waggener's Lower Fort.


Established in 1756 as a substantial French & Indian War palisaded fort with a barracks, stable, Officers' quarters, magazine, and four bastions at the angles (later two-story blockhouses). The fort was located about a mile and a half above the Trough on the South Branch of the Potomac River, at the present-day town of Old Fields, about five miles north of Moorefield, in Hardy County.

The fort was built under the supervision of Captain Thomas Waggener on Henry Van Meter’s farm under orders from Colonel George Washington. During its earlier years, it was called Fort Van Meter and often referred to as the Town Fort, because of its proximity to Moorefield. During April 1756 the Battle of the Trough took place a short distance below the fort, the bloodiest battle ever fought in the valley.

When General Washington visited the site in 1784, Fort Pleasant was apparently still standing. Abandoned as a fortification in the 1780s.

Current Status

Archeological remains only, marker on Hwy 28.

Location: Old Fields, Hardy County, West Virginia. Fort map point is approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.13431 Long: -78.94817

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  • WV0245 - Fort Pleasant (2)

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