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Fort Ransom (1867-1872) - Established in 1867 by Captain (Bvt Major) George H. Crosman of the 10th U.S. Infantry to keep the Sioux Indians in check and to protect the Dakota-Montana trail. Fort Ransom was named for Brigadier General Thomas E. G. Ransom who died 29 Oct 1864 while serving in the U.S. Civil War. Abandoned in 1872.

Fort Ranson Adjutant's Office Location
Fort Ransom Blockhouse Location
Fort Ransom Marker

Fort Ransom History

Fort Ranson Ditch
Fort Ranson Plan from Park Sign

Fort Ramsom was sited by Brigadier General Alfred H. Terry as a 200 man post designed to protect the Dakota-Montana trail. The post was established 18 Jun 1867 by Captain (Bvt Major) George H. Crosman of the 10th U.S. Infantry. The fort was distinctive because of the 8' dry moat surrounding the breastworks and the two blockhouse at opposing angles. Resources were scarce at the fort and even water had to be hauled from a spring 600 yards away.

The fort was abandoned on 31 Jul 1872 after Fort Seward (1) was established (27 May 1872) and materials from the fort were used in the construction of Fort Seward (1). The post was transferred to the Interior Department 22 Jul 1884 for disposition.

Current Status

Although building locations and the dry moat, once eight feet deep, are still clearly discernible and some are marked, nothing else remains of the original fort or its twelve-feet-high sod and log stockade except a marker on the site.

Location: 1 Mile south of the village of Fort Ransom, Ransom County, North Dakota

Maps & Images

Lat: 46.518591 Long: -97.940374

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  • Elevation: 1350'



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