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New Fort Reno (1876-1877) - Also known as Reno Station, Depot Fort McKinney and Cantonment Reno. Consisted mainly of cottonwood log cabins and dugouts.

New Fort Reno History

Current Status

A set of roadside interpretive markers is located near the site of the Fort Reno Cantonment some 18 miles from the Kaycee exit on Interstate 25. The actual site is on private property and has no visible historic structures.

From the Kaycee exit on Interstate 25 follow Hwy 92 east to the junction with the Lower Sussex road and turn north. Road conditions change from 2 lane striped hwy to 2 lane not striped. There are two wayside sets of interpretive markers along this road that are easy to miss because they are low profile. The Fort Reno Cantonment. markers are first at about 18 miles from the Interstate interchange and their focus is the Fort Reno Cantonment. A second set of markers for the original Fort Reno is in a pullout on the left site of the road just before the entrance road to the original Fort Reno site, 27 miles from the Interstate interchange.

Location: Along Powder River about 3 miles South of Fort Reno (2) difficult to find without local help. Coordinates are approximate but within the former military reservation, see topo map. Johnson County, Wyoming.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.7846 Long: -106.2558



Visited: 28 May 2021

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