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Fort Rouille (1750-1759) - A French trading post established in 1750 prior to the French & Indian War by Marquis de la Jonquiere, then Governor of New France in present day City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Named for Antoine Louis Rouille, French Minister of Marine and Colonies. Destroyed by the French garrison and abandoned in 1759. Also known as Fort Toronto.

Fort Rouille Obelisk on Fort Site
Fort Rouille Model at Fort York
Fort Rouille Plan from the Marker


Fort Rouille Trace Walk

Established as a small French fortified trading post to intercept Indian fur traders headed for the British trading post at Fort Oswego. The post was a 180' square palisaded fort with a bastion at each corner and five internal buildings. Inside the walls was a guardhouse, a barracks/storeroom, a barracks, a store, a blacksmith and officer's quarters.

Fort Rouille was abandoned and burned down by the French garrison in July 1759. The garrison was recalled to Quebec in anticipation of a British attack on that city.

Current Status

Fort Rouille Marker

No remains of the fort. A round obelisk marks the site with two British cannons and a mortar. The trace of the fort is outlined with a narrow concrete path on the Canadian National Exhibition grounds, City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Location: Canadian National Exhibition grounds, City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.630651 Long: -79.423543

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