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Fort Saint Antoine (1686-1689) - A French colonial trading fort established in 1686 near Stockholm, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. Abandoned in 1689. Also Known as Fort Antoine.


Established in 1686 by Nicolas Perrot on Lake Pepin near present day Stockholm in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. Nicolas Perrot formally took possession of the entire region west of the Great Lakes in the name of the French King Louis XIV on 8 May 1689 at Fort Saint Antoine.

Abandoned in 1689.

In 1855 a surveyor noted that the fort site occupied "a space of about sixty by forty-five feet, and stood about seventy feet back from the point of highest watermark on the lake shore."

Current Status

Marker located on Lake Pepin two miles southeast of town.

Location: Near Stockholm, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. Map point is the marker location.

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Lat: 44.46535 Long: -92.22458

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