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Fort Shirley (3) (1755-1756) - A French & Indian War Fort established in 1755 near Shirleysburg, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Named Fort Shirley by Governor Morris after General William Shirley, chief of British forces in North America. Abandoned as a fortification in 1756.

History of Fort Shirley

Established by trader George Croghan in 1755. Croghan built a stockade around his trading post buildings to establish a defense. Fort Shirley was built along a waterway now known as Fort Run near Aughwick Creek and close to the great path used by Indians and Indian traders. Croghan was also commissioned to oversee the construction of Fort Lyttleton, some 20 miles to the south.

John Armstrong conducted his infamous raid on the Indian town of Kittanning from Fort Shirley with 300 militia men on 31 Aug 1756. The fort was decommissioned later in 1756.

Current Status

Stone mounted plaque and roadside marker along Route 522 near where it crosses Fort Run on the north side of Shirleysburg. According to the Pennsylvania State University's archeological field school the actual site of Fort Shirley is located on private property in a pasture owned by Cecil and Susan Brumbaugh. The fort sits at an angle in the modern pasture, its north wall aligned with Fort Run. No visible remains.

Location: Shirleysburg, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. The map point is the site of both markers.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.301228 Long: -77.874191

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