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Fort Sidney (1867-1894) - First established in 1867 at Sidney, Nebraska, by Captain Bernard P. Mimmack, 30th Infantry, as Sidney Barracks, a sub post of Fort Sedgwick in Colorado. The post became independent in 1870. Renamed Fort Sidney, 30 Dec 1878, after Sidney Dillon, New York attorney for the Union Pacific Railroad. Abandoned in 1894.

Fort Sidney Officers Quarters and Museum
Fort Sidney Post Commanding Officers Quarters
Fort Sidney Powder Magazine
Fort Sidney Post CO Quarters Piano


Fort Sidney was a typical open plan western post with quarters and administrative buildings arrainged around a central parade. Established 19 Nov 1867 by Captain Bernard P. Mimmack and Company E, 30th U.S. Infantry, as Sidney Barracks, a sub-post of Fort Sedgwick in Colorado. The primary function of the post was the protection of the Union Pacific survey crews, construction crews and to provide protection for completed sections.The post became an independent post in 1870 and was renamed Fort Sidney on 30 Dec 1878.

The post was ordered abandoned 23 May 1894 and evacuated 1 Jun 1894. The reservation was transferred to the Department of Interior 14 Nov 1894 and the buildings were sold.

Current Status

Only three restored buildings remain mixed in a suburban neighborhood. The restored officer's quarters contains the museum. The restored post commander's building is furnished as it would have been during the post's active years. The powder magazine is viewable from the street but is not open to the public. The ladies at the museum offer a great guided tour of the museum and the commanding officer's quarters.

Location: Sidney, Cheyenne County, Nebraska.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.1427778 Long: -102.9719444

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  • Elevation: 4,081'



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