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Fort Simpson (1803-1811, 1822-1948) - First established as a North West Company (NWC) trading post in 1803, known as Fort of the Forks. Located near the confluence of the Mackenzie River and the Laird River in the Yukon, Canada. Abandoned by 1811. Reestablished in 1822 as a Hudson's Bay Company post after the merger of the two companies in 1821. Named Fort Simpson after George Simpson, Governor of Rupert’s Land. Abandoned circa 1948. Site of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Fort Simpson RCMP Post (1913-19??).

Fort Simpson HBC Post 1920.

Fort of the Forks (1803-1811)

A North West Company (NWC) post, originally called Fort of the Forks was established here in 1803. The post was located on the west bank of the Mackenzie River near the confluence of the Mackenzie River and the Laird River. The post was abandoned by 1811.

Fort Simpson (1822-1948)

Fort Simpson HBC Landing with HBC Buildings Above.

The NWC post property was transferred to the Hudson's Bay Company in 1822 when the companies merged. The post was renamed Fort Simpson after George Simpson, then Governor of Rupert’s Land. HBC records for the post exist from 1818-1948.

Fort Simpson RCMP Post (1913-19??)

Forts Simpson RCMP Post 1920.
Fort Simpson RMCP Barracks 1920s.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) established the Fort Simpson RCMP Post here in 1913.

Current Status

This was the oldest continuously occupied post on the Mackenzie River. The only remaining pre World War II building is the 1935 Company Shed on McKenzie Drive.

Location: Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories, Canada. Map point is approximate and may not be accurate.

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Lat: 61.861763 Long: -121.347627

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