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Fort Snyder (1) (1862-1865) - A Confederate earthworks fortification established in 1862 as a part of the defenses of Vicksburg in Warren County, Mississippi. This fort was built on the site of a previous fortification, Fort St. Peter, at Snyder's Bluff overlooking the Yazoo River. Captured by Union forces in 1863. Abandoned at the end of the U.S. Civil War in 1865.

Fort Snyder Signage
Fort Snyder Marker Page Two
Fort Snyder and Fort St. Peter Site and Markers

Fort Snyder History

Map of Fort Snyder Location

Fort Snyder was built in the spring and summer of1862 as a strong, 20 gun fortification on Snyder's Bluff overlooking a strategic bend in the Yazoo River. The fort was built to protect the Yazoo River approach to Vicksburg and the Confederate shipyard at Yazoo City. The fort was able to drive off attempts by Union Ironclads to get by the post but it was Union land forces that forced the Confederates to abandon the post to the surrounding Union Army on 19 May 1863. Union forces retained control of the fort through the end of the war.

Current Status

Markers only on Snyder's Bluff, Warren County, Mississippi

Location: Snyder's Bluff in Warren County, Mississippi.

Maps & Images

Lat: 32.49501 Long: -90.79893

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  • Elevation: 154'



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