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Fort Sod (1858-1858) - Established in 1858 as a sod fortification to protect the settlers of Sioux Falls, Dakota Territory from hostile Indians. Abandoned in 1858.

Fort Sod Marker Side 1
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Built on the west bank of the Big Sioux River in the city of Sioux Falls in response to hostile Indian attacks on the community of Medary.

Fort Sod was a sod fortification surrounding a stone building belonging to the Dakota Land Company. The sod wall was eighty feet square, ten feet high, and four feet thick. The wall was surrounded by a deep ditch and had rifle ports cut for firing at the enemy. The community all gathered inside the walls and waited for the hostile Indians to appear. The Indians did appear at the fort but did not attack. The settlers remained inside the fort for six weeks until the siege was broken and they were resupplied.

Current Status

Marker only.

Location: Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, South Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.5471814 Long: -96.725756



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