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Fort Ste. Marie de Grace (1632-1636) - A French Colonial Era Fort established in 1632 near La Have, Nova Scotia. The town and the fort were abandoned in 1636 upon the death of Isaac de Razilly, Governor of Acadia. The remains of the fort and the town were burned down in 1653.

Fort Ste. Marie de Grace Site.


Fort St. Marie de Grace Plaque.

The 1632 Treaty of Saint Germain en Laye returned Acadia to French control and Isaac de Razilly was appointed the first governor of Acadia. The fort was built under the supervision of Razilly and served as the first capital of Acadia until his unexpected death on 2 Jul 1636. The fort and battery were built to mount some 25 cannon and included dwellings for the commander and the garrison. The post was located at a strategic narrows on the La Have River and the site commanded the narrows and the approaches to it.

Upon Razilly's death, Charles de Menou d'Aulnay became governor and he relocated most of the population and the fort garrison to Port-Royal.

The remains of the fort and the town dwellings were burned down in 1653 by forces under Emmanuel LeBorgne.

Current Status

Fort St. Marie de Grace Museum Model.

Now part of the Fort Ste. Marie de Grace National Historic Site. No remains of the actual fort. A stone cairn and plaque identify the site. Several display cannon are in place. The Fort Point Museum, a former lighthouse keeper's house, is located on the site and has one room set aside as the "Fort Room" with displays that include a model of the fort.

Location: La Have, Nova Scotia.

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Lat: 44.28823 Long: -64.35166

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