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Fort Sumner (2) (1794-182?) - Established in 1794 as a Federal First System fort by order of President George Washington in present day Portland, Cumberland County, Maine. Named for Increase Sumner, 5th Governor of Massachusetts (1797-1799). Abandoned as a fortification sometime in the 1820s.

Fort Sumner Steps up Munjoy Hill
Fort Sumner Base of Munjoy Hill
Fort Sumner Site on Munjoy Hill

First System (1794-1808)

Fort Sumner was built in 1794 as one of the First System of coastal fortifications. This was a blockhouse fort located on the crest of Munjoy Hill in present day Portland, Maine.

Second System (1808-1816)

Fort Sumner was upgraded and the guns remounted as a part of the Second System construction program. The fort was garrisoned during the War of 1812 but was never attacked.

Current Status

Part of Fort Sumner City Park, Cumberland County, Maine.

Location: Fort Sumner City Park (Standpipe Park), 60 North Street, Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.66731 Long: -70.25119

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