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Fort Thompson (1) (1864-1867, 1870-1871) - First established in September 1864 by Captain Nelson Minor, Dakota Cavalry. Named after Colonel Clark W. Thompson, Superintendent of Indian Affairs at St. Paul, Minnesota. Abandoned in 1867 and re-garrisoned 1870-1871. Also known as Post at Crow Creek Agency.

Fort Thompson Dakota Indian Monument
Fort Thompson Dakota Indian Monument Plaque


Established as a Federal post in September 1864 by Capt. Nelson Minor, Dakota Cavalry, on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation and it served as the agency headquarters.

This post was originally built as a 300' by 400' stockaded two company fort garrisoned by Iowa Volunteers. The stockade was later expanded to 450' by 650'. The post was abandoned on 9 Jun 1867 and troops withdrawn. In 1870 the post became a sub-post of Fort Sully (2) and in 1871 it was turned over to the Crow Creek Agency for use by the reservation. In 1878 the post was dismantled.

Current Status

In Fort Thompson Recreation Area. Nothing remains.

Location: Near the town of Fort Thompson, Buffalo County, South Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.061101 Long: -99.4473292

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  • Elevation: 1,381'



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