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Fort Trinity (2) (1863-1864) - A temporary U.S. Civil War era fortification established in 1863 at the Overland Mail Eight Mile Station in White Pine County, Nevada. The origin of the name Fort Trinity is not known. Abandoned as a fortification in 1864, continued in use as an Overland station until 1869.

History of Fort Trinity

Established as a military field camp in 1863 during the Overland War of 1863 at the Overland Mail Eight Mile Station. Detachments of troops from Fort Douglas (then Camp Douglas) were posted at the station to protect the Overland mail route from Gosh-Utes Indian attacks.

The Overland War of 1863 began when the Gosh-Utes under War Chief White Horse attacked the Eight Mile Station on 22 Mar 1863. The Gosh-Utes killed the station keeper and the driver of an arriving stage and then burned down Eight Mile Station. Emboldened by their success, they raided stations from Salt Lake City to Schell Creek.

The new U.S. military command at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City sent Company K of the 2nd California Volunteer Cavalry under Captain S. P. Smith to protect the Overland stations at Eight Mile Station and Fort Ruby.

Company E, 3rd California Volunteer Infantry was sent to provide guards for Overland route stages between Austin, Nevada, and Salt lake City, Utah. The troops were divided up, about four to each station, and two were assigned to each stage run as protection, returning on the next stage in the opposite direction.

The remainder of Company K then took the fight to the Gosh-Utes, who were still raiding stations and killing employees. The war continued with losses to both sides until the Gosh-Utes returned to the reservation in 1864. The troops were removed from their duties at Eight Mile Station and the other Overland stations.

Abandoned as a fortification in 1864. The station was rebuilt in 1864 as a horse exchange stop and operated until 1869 when the railroad made the overland route obsolete.

Current Status


Location: Seven miles Southwest of Ibapah Utah
along the old Lincoln Highway (NV-2)
in White Pine County, Nevada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.97244 Long: -114.07501

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  • Elevation: 5,538'

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Fortification ID:

  • NV0107 - Fort Trinity (2)

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