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Fort Tularosa (1872-1874) - A U.S. Army fort first established in 1872 during the Apache Wars in present day Aragon, Catron County, New Mexico. Abandoned in 1874.

History of Fort Tularosa

Established on 30 Apr 1872 by Lieutenant Martin P. Buffum, Company K, 15th U.S. Infantry, to protect the newly opened Apache Warm Spring Reservation and agency.

The post was constructed mostly of log huts with earth roofs although there were frame buildings (barracks, granary and hospital) and the officer's quarters were made of adobe.

Fort Tularosa may have temporarily moved to Old Horse Springs, 18 miles away but sources differ on this.

The post was abandoned on 26 Nov 1874 with the removal of the Apache to Ojo Caliente, Arizona.

The abandoned fort and the town were later attacked by the Apache under Victorio in May 1880. A small force of 25 dismounted cavalry (black "Buffalo Soldiers") was sent to protect the settlers under the command of Sergeant George Jordan. The soldiers and the settlers took refuge in the old fort on 14 May 1880 and successfully held off the attackers until reinforcements arrived the next day. Sergeant George Jordan later received the Medal of Honor for his leadership in organizing and conducting the defense of Fort Tularosa. Victorio was forced to flee into Mexico where he was killed later in 1880 by Mexican force.

Current Status

No remains near present day Aragon in Catron County, New Mexico.

Location: Aragon, Catron County, New Mexico. Map point is from the GNIS coordinates and may not be accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.88111 Long: -108.53833

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  • Elevation: 6,676'

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