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Fort Uncompahgre (1825-1844) - A fur trading post first established in 1825 by Antoine Robidoux in Delta County, Colorado. Abandoned in 1844. Also known as Fort Robidoux (2).

Fort Uncompahgre Entrance.
Fort Uncompahgre Trade Store Interior.
Fort Uncompahgre Interior.


The first fur trading post was established by Antoine Robidoux. The post was established on the south bank of the Gunnison River about 1825, near the present-day town of Delta, Delta County, Colorado. The post probably consisted of crude log buildings surrounded by cottonwood pickets inhabited by 15 to 18 employees, nearly all Mexicans.

In 1843 hostilities broke out between Ute Indians and local Mexicans. The hostilities reached Fort Uncompahgre in 1844 and the Ute Indians slaughtered all the Mexican employees except one. Antoine Robidoux was not at the fort when it was attacked and the Utes left the post intact and attempted to have him return and continue trading, claiming their problem was with the Mexican employees only. Antoine Robidoux did not return and two years later the Utes burned down the post.

Current Status

Fort Uncompahgre Marker.

A 1990 replica is part of Confluence City Park in Delta, Delta County, Colorado. The replica is located upriver from the presumed actual location. Map points are furnished for the replica and the presumed actual location.

Location: Confluence Park, Delta, Delta County, Colorado.

Maps & Images

Lat: 38.7345 Long: -108.1512

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  • Elevation: 4,888'



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