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Fort Valeur (1) (1730-1731) - A French Colonial Era Indian Fort established in 1730 in present-day Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi. One of two Indian-built European-style palisaded forts near the Natchez Indian Grand Village. Each fort housed warriors under separate chiefs who had participated in the Fort Rosalie massacre on 28 Nov 1729. Abandoned in 1731 when the French retaliated and besieged the forts.


Both forts were established near the Natchez Indian Grand Village, one on either side of St. Catherine Creek. Fort Farine (Fort Flour) was located on the east bank while Fort Valeur (Fort Valor) was located on the west bank. Fort Farine was under the command of the Flour Chief while the White Apple chief probably commanded Fort Valeur.

Descriptions of the forts indicate that they were a circular palisade with a protected opening at one end that fronted on the creek, The palisade was built of 15' tall logs driven five or six feet into the ground and extending from ground level to 10' tall with sharpened tops. The diameter of these logs was said to be 6'. Several outbuildings surrounded the fort and towers provided lookouts and protection.

On 8 Feb 1730, the French arrived in front of the Natchez Indian Forts and joined up with their Choctaws allies to prepare for a siege. On 22 Feb 1730, the Natchez attacked the French positions and almost routed the French. On 27 Feb 1730, the Choctaws attacked the Natchez and killed 100 of them, and captured 5 to 20. Among the dead was the White Apple Chief. By this time both the French and the Natchez Indians had established artillery positions and were firing at each other but they soon agreed to stop the shelling. On the night of 25-26 February 1730, the Natchez left both forts, and most fled into present-day Louisiana. There was a common perception that the French had let them escape during the rainy night under the condition that they leave their hostages behind.

Current Status

No visible remains. The approximate location of these forts is known and some artifacts have been recovered but so far as is known the footprint of neither fort has been established. The challenges in establishing the fort footprints include changes in the creek bed and massive development in the area (two highway bridges).

Location: Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi.

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Lat: 31.520260 Long: -91.391382

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