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Fort Wade (1863-1863) - First established in March 1863 by Confederate forces during the U.S. Civil War. Named after Col. William Wade who was killed during the 29 Apr 1863 attack on the fort. Abandoned in 1863.

Fort Wade Magazine Ruins.
Fort Wade Sign.


Part of the Confederate defense of the town of Grand Gulf during the Union effort to capture Vicksburg, Mississippi. The fort consisted of earthen works shielding four heavy rifle positions.

Armament during the April 28-29 battle consisted of two 20 pounder Parrott rifles and two 32 pounder rifles. One of the Parrott riles burst and two 32 pounders were dismounted and the parapet destroyed. Col Wade was decapitated in the fight and the fort was silenced by fire from five heavy Union gunboats.

Current Status

Part of Grand Gulf Military Monument. No period guns or mounts in place. The earthworks are visible and the destroyed magazine is under protective cover.

Location: Grand Gulf Military Monument, Mississippi.

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Lat: 32.031677 Long: -91.052215



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