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Fort Wolters (1925-1946, 1951-1975) - First established as a Texas National Guard post in 1925 near Mineral Wells, Parker County and Palo Pinto County, Texas. Named Camp Wolters after Brigadier General Jacob F. Wolters. Federalized during World War II and abandoned in 1946 after the war ended. Reactivated in 1951 for the Korean War as Wolters Air Force Base. Returned to the U.S. Army 1 Jul 1956 and became Camp Wolters again. Redesignated Fort Wolters on 1 Jun 1963 and used during the Vietnam War for infantry training and as a Nike Missile site. Abandoned in 1975.

History of Fort Wolters

First established in 1925 as a Texas National Guard training camp for the 56th National Guard Brigade consisting of the 112th Texas Regiment and the 113th New Mexico Regiment. Used as a summer training camp and maneuver area.

World War II (1941-1945)

Expanded and federalized during World War II as a large infantry induction and training center with a troop capacity of about 25,000 troops. The post was declared surplus 27 Jun 1946 and sold to private interests.

Korean War (1951-1953)

Reactivated at the beginning of the Korean War as Wolters Air Force Base to train the Air Force Aviation Engineer Force.

After the Korean War the base was turned back to the U.S. Army and on 1 July 1956 it again became Camp Wolters. The new mission of the post was as the Primary Helicopter School for the U.S. Army. The camp was classified as a permanent installation and named Fort Wolters on 1 Jun 1963 as the Vietnam War began to heat up.

NIKE missile site DF-70 was located on Fort Wolters between September 1960 and October 1968.

With the end of the Vietnam War the closure of the fort was announced and the decision to return the property to private hands was made in February 1975.

Current Status

Currently part of the Education Center of Weatherford College, Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Wolters industrial Park near Mineral Wells, Parker County, Texas.

Location: Mineral Wells, Parker County, Texas. Map point is the site of the Main Gate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 32.8110335 Long: -98.0549204

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