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Gaillardin Redoubt (1692-1811) - A French Colonial Period fortification established on Castle Hill in 1692 near present day Jerseyside, Newfoundland, Canada. Turned over to the British in 1713 as a result of the Treaty of Utrecht (1713). Abandoned by the British in 1811.


The Battle of Placentia (1692) Showing Fort Louis (A) and the Gaillardin Redoubt (B).

Established by the French in 1692 as the first fortification on the main summit of Castle Hill. Overlooked Fort Louis below. A log or timber work later built of drywall masonry, the redoubt had embrasures in the walls to facilitate the defense and was enclosed within a breastwork.

The redoubt guarded Castle Hill against land attacks from the rear and protected Fort Louis below. This redoubt was shown on a map describing the Battle of Placentia (1692) in which a English fleet unsuccessfully attempted to destroy Fort Louis and capture the town. In 1709 it was reported as armed with six cannons.

The Treaty of Utrecht (1713) ended Queen Anne's War and recognized British sovereignty in Newfoundland. The French were forced to abandoned Plaisance and other south coast settlements. The British occupied the town and renamed it Placentia.

The redoubt was abandoned in 1811 along with the other fortifications on Castle Hill.

Current Status

Now a part of the Castle Hill National Historic Site. Reconstructed redoubt with a view of the town below. The Visitor center has displays and markers with information about the redoubt.

Location: Jerseyside, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 47.25323 Long: -53.96695

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