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Graham's Fort (1780) - A Patriot Revolutionary War era fortified home near Grover, Cleveland County, North Carolina. Named Graham's Fort after the owner, Colonel William Graham. Attacked by marauding Tory forces in 1780 and successfully defended.


Colonel William Graham's home was a large log structure fortified during the war to provide refuge for Graham's family and local settlers. Graham himself was a staunch advocate of American Independence and a military officer who fought in battles in both North and South Carolina.

In September 1780, Colonel Graham, David Dickey, and Graham’s step-son William Twitty were in the fort along with local settlers when some two dozen Tories attacked. One of the Tories, John Burke, inserted the muzzle of his gun into the fort and fired. William Twitty’s sister Susan pushed her brother down saving him from the bullet. She urged her brother to return fire as Burke was on his knees outside reloading. Burke was shot dead. Susan bravely went out and retrieved his gun and ammunition and began firing on the attackers. With one dead and four wounded, the remaining Tories ended the attack and withdrew.

With the Tories withdrawn, Colonel Graham evacuated his pregnant wife and all of the fort occupants to a safer location. The Tories reinforced, returned and plundered the abandoned fort, carrying off some of Colonel Graham's goods and slaves.

Less than a month later Colonel Graham and his command, the "South Fork Boys", would participate in the Battle of Kings Mountain on 7 Oct 1780. Although separated from his command, Colonel Graham participated in the final charge up the mountain.

Current Status

North Carolina roadside marker O-59. No visible remains of the fort.

Marker Text

Home of Col. William
Graham. Site of Tory
raid, 1780. Served as
Revolutionary War fort.
Site is 300 yds. N.E.

Location: Northwest of Grover in Cleveland County, North Carolina. The approximate Fort location is measured 300 yards NE from the marker and assumes the marker has not been moved.

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Lat: 35.20673 Long: -81.48866

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