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Ilwaco WWII Radar Site (1942-1944) - A World War II U.S. Army Radar Site established in 1942. Used to provide early warning of enemy aircraft approaching the Washington Coast. Located near Ilwaco in Pacific County, Washington. Deactivated in 1944. Also known as Station B-69.


This radar site was established during World War II early in 1942 as a part of a chain of radar stations along the West Coast of the United States and Canada. These secret radar sites were built to provide early warning of approaching enemy aircraft and ships but also served to assist friendly aircraft that were lost or had in-flight emergencies.


Deactivated in 1944. The Radar equipment was later declared obsolete by AG letter 17 Jan 1946. Tower and equipment were to be disposed of while the buildings were retained. On 6 Feb 1947, the War Assets Administration announced that bids for the remaining buildings and equipment would be opened on 28 February 1947.

Current Status


Location: Ilwaco in Pacific County, Washington.

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Lat: 46.380905 Long: -123.949674

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  • WA0175 - Ilwaco WWII Radar Site

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