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James Chatham Duane (1824-1897) - Born 30 Jun 1824 in Schenectady, New York. A career U.S. Army officer and engineer who served in the U.S. Civil War and became Chief of Engineers (1886-1888). Died 8 Nov 1897 in New York, New York.

File:James Chatham Duane.jpg
Colonel James C. Duane

He entered the United States Military Academy 1 Jul 1844 and graduated 1 Jul 1848 in the Class of 1848 ranking 3rd out of 37.

He served in the U.S. Civil War and rose to the rank of Bvt. Brigadier General for services before Petersburg and the surrender of General Robert E. Lee. He served at various coastal fortifications after the war and became Chief of Engineers in 1886. General Duane retired from active service on 30 Jun 1888 being over 64 years of age.

General Duane died 8 Nov 1897 in New York, New York and was buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.

One of the first Endicott Period concrete gun batteries, Battery Duane on Fort Wadsworth (1), was named for General Duane soon after his death.

Father: James C. Duane (1794-1859)

Mother: Harriet Constable (1794-1860)


  • Harriet Whitehorne Brewerton (1830-1914) married at West Point 17 Oct 1850, born 1830, died 1914


  • James Duane (1853-1899) born 1853, died 12 Jan 1899
  • Charles Duane (1856-????) born 1856, died ?
  • Alexander Duane (1858-????) born 1 Sep 1858, died ?


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