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John Moulder Wilson (1837-1919) - Born 8 Oct 1837 in Washington DC. A career U.S. Army officer, engineer, Medal of Honor recipient, Superintendent of the United States Military Academy and U.S. Chief of Engineers. Died 1 Feb 1919 in Washington DC.

General John M. Wilson at White House Medal of Honor Ceremony 7 Nov 1910, extracted from larger group photo

He served at age 12 as a page on the floor of the United States Senate (1849-1853). He traveled, in 1854, to the Washington Territory around the Isthmus of Panama and was appoint to the United States Military Academy in the spring of 1855 from there. He was the very first cadet appointed from the Pacific Northwest. He entered the United States Military Academy 1 Jul 1855 and graduated 1 Jul 1860 in the Class of 1860 ranking 12th out of 41.

He served as a Union officer in the U.S. Civil War and received the Medal of Honor for his actions at Malvern Hill on 6 Aug 1863. He rose to the permanent rank of Captain and the brevet rank of Colonel for his actions at Spanish Fort and Fort Blakeley near Mobile Alabama in the spring of 1865.

After the U.S. Civil War he served in various engineering posts and on historic projects in and around Washington DC. He served as Superintendent of West Point (1889-1893), as Chief of Engineers (1897-1901), and rose to the rank of Major General before his retirement from the U.S. Corps of Engineers on 30 Apr 1901.

He died on 1 Feb 1919 in Washington DC and was buried in West Point Cemetery in March 1919 with full military honors.

Father: Joseph Shields Wilson (1808-18??)

Mother: Eliza Uhler Moulder (1810-18??)


  • Augusta Bertha Waller (1839-1902) married 5 Nov 1861, born May 1839, died 17 Jun 1902


  • Francis Waller Wilson - only child, died in infancy at age 6 months.


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