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John William Tudor Gardiner (1817-1879) - Born 5 Jun 1817 in Gardiner, Maine. A career U.S. Army officer who served in the Mexican War, on the frontier and in the U.S. Civil War. Died 27 Sep 1879, Gardiner, Maine.

He entered the United States Military Academy 1 Jul 1836 and graduated in the Class of 1840 1 Jul 1840, ranking 26th out of 42.

He initially served on the frontier, primarily in the Indian Territory (Oklahoma). He then served in the Mexican War (1847-1848) and then resumed his service on the frontier in Minnesota and Iowa.

In December 1853 Captain Gardiner embarked on the steamer San Francisco bound for a California posting. The steamer encountered a severe storm on 24 Dec 1853 and after suffering a mechanical breakdown was wrecked. Many of the crew and passengers were lost overboard including Captain Gardiner's servant. Captain Gardiner himself was wounded in the wreck but was among those saved after several days by the sailing ship Kilby. The storm continued and the rescue of the survivors was not completed until 12th of Jan 1854.

Years of hard service and the shipwreck had taken a toll on Gardiner's health and he took two leaves of absence separated by a tour of duty at Fort Tejon in California. At he beginning of the U.S. Civil War he was still on sick leave and he was then retired from active service for disability on 14 Nov 1861. He continued his service in noncombat roles throughout the U.S. Civil War and through 1868.

He died 27 Sep 1879, in Gardiner, Maine.

Father: Robert Hallowell Gardiner (1782-1864) (Name legally changed from Hallowell to Gardiner in 1803)

Mother: Emma Jane Tudor (1785-1865)


  • Annie Elizabeth Hays (1821-yyyy) married 5 Jun 1854, born 25 Oct 1821


  • Robert Hallowell Gardiner (1855-yyyy) born 9 Sep 1855, Fort Tejon, California, died dd mmm yyyy
  • Eleanor Gardiner (yyyy-yyyy) born dd mmm yyyy, died dd mmm yyyy
  • Annie Gardiner (yyyy-yyyy) born dd mmm yyyy, died dd mmm yyyy
  • Francis Richard Gardiner (1860-1880) born 16 Dec 1860, died dd Feb 1880
  • John Hayes Gardiner (1863-1813) born 6 Apr 1863, 14 May 1913
  • John Tudor Gardiner (1863-1915) born 6 Apr 1863, 13 Mar 1915


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