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Johnson's Fort (2) (1854-18??) - A Mormon settler's fort established in 1854 during the Walker Indian War in present-day Enoch, Iron County, Utah. Named for Joel H. Johnson whose home was built inside the fort. Abandoned as a fortification after the Indian hostilities ended.

Johnson's Fort Marker & Display, indicated Actual Fort Location is in the distance on the Left.


Initially established after 1851 as a house and corral by Joel H. Johnson to care for the cattle belonging to Iron County settlers. The spot was selected because of a nearby spring, a rarity in this dry country.

In 1854, during the Walker Indian War (1853-1854), Brigham Young requested that the site be fortified. A new fort was built by Johnson and the settlers as a strong 165' square enclosure with thick, 9' high clay walls. Inside the compound was a large two-story building known as the bastion and a central well. On the north wall was a large log gate and on the south wall was a smaller gate.

Probably abandoned as a fortification after the end of Indian hostilities.

Current Status

Johnson's Fort Marker Text.

Marker and cedar log stump display. The marker indicates that some remains can be seen at the actual site 1/2 mile North of the marker but that site appears to be on private property.

Location: Marker and display located at the intersection of E 5200 N and N 1400 E in Enoch, Iron County, Utah. The actual site is said to be located 1/2 mile North of the marker.

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.77927 Long: -113.03226

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  • Elevation: 5,505'

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