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Jonathan Williams (1751-1815) - Born 20 May 1751 in Boston, Massachusetts. He served as a military engineer, superintendent of the United States Military Academy and as Chief of Engineers. Elected to Congress. Died 16 May 1815 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of gout.

Col Jonathan Williams

First commissioned as a Major in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers in 1801 by President John Adams. He was appointed the first superintendent of the United States Military Academy in 1801 by President Thomas Jefferson. In 1802 he was concurrently appointed as Chief of Engineers and commander of the U.S. Corps of Engineers. He vacated the superintendent position in 1803 but was reappointed in 1805. He designed and supervised the construction of Castle Williams and Castle Clinton in New York Harbor. Castle Williams was named after him. He resigned from the Army in 1812 as a Colonel and pursued a political career. He died in 1815 and is interred in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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