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Joseph Bryan Station (1779-1780s) - A Revolutionary War era Fayette County Station established by Joseph Bryan in 1779. Joseph Bryan came from North Carolina with his brothers Morgan, James, and William and built a stockaded Station near present-day Lexington. Attacked by Indians in 1782 and successfully defended. Abandoned as a fortification and refuge later in the 1780s. Sometimes misspelled as Bryant Station.

The Women of Bryan's Station, Station in the background, Attackers lurking on the left.


Established by Joseph Bryan and his three brothers on the North Fork of Elkhorn Creek near where it now crosses Bryan Station Road. This was a strong defense built with some forty-four log cabins arranged in a 200 by 50-yard compound that was surrounded by a 12-foot high stockade and included a two-story blockhouse. The major weakness was the lack of a water source inside the station. By 1782 this was the largest station in the state.

In mid-August 1782, the settlers noticed a large buildup of hostile Indians & Canadians. The settlers went about their normal routine so as not to alert the gathering attackers. As a part of the morning routine, the women of the fort went down to the spring below the fort to gather the day's supply of water. Each of the women brought back as much water as she could carry in anticipation of a siege. The siege began on 15 August 1782 and the station was able to hold out in spite of some 600 enemy attackers until relieved on 17 August by approaching Kentucky militia troops.

Current Status

The site is on private property, but parts including the granite monument can be seen from the road. Historical Marker #21 at the site. The Station site has received an archeological site designation of 11111

Location: Near Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. Map point is approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 38.0763 Long: -84.4155

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  • Elevation: 925'

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  • Kentucky Atlas & Gazetteer - Bryan Station


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