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Joseph Stewart (1822-1904) - Born 29 Jan 1822 in Columbia, Kentucky. A career military artillery officer and United States Military Academy graduate. Died 23 April 1904, Berkeley, California.

He entered the United States Military Academy 1 Jul 1838 and graduated 1 Jul 1842 in the Class of 1842 ranking 18th out of 56. He entered service in the 1st U.S. Artillery.

He served during the Mexican War at the Battle of Monterrey and at the second battle of Pyramid Lake during the Pyramid Lake Paiute War. He served during the U.S. Civil War as an artillery officer and recruiter. After the war, he was promoted to Major, 4th U.S. Artillery and he served at various posts in staff and command positions including Fort Klamath, Fort McHenry, Fort Macon, the Presidio of San Francisco, Fort Canby and at Sitka Alaska.

He was under arrest at Yerba Island from 28 Nov 1874 to 17 Jun 1875 and in confinement from 17 Jun 1874 to 17 Jun 1875 without rank and command. After release, he was in command at Fort Canby from 20 Sep 1876 to his retirement on 25 Aug 1879 as a Lt. Colonel.

He died in Berkeley California on 23 Apr 1904. Buried in San Francisco National Cemetery, Section OS, Plot 8, in San Francisco, California


  • Octavia Cripps Fayssoux (1824-1856) married 1845, Charleston, South Carolina, born 11 May 1824, Charleston, South Carolina, died 11 May 1856, Fort Miller (1), California
    • Joseph Stewart Jr. (1846-1913) born in South Carolina, died 15 Jan 1913, Oakland, California
    • William Fayssoux Stewart (1849-1924) born 13 Jun 1849, Rhode Island, died 29 Feb 1924, Virginia, Arlington National Cemetery, Colonel, Coast Artillery, Retired Bio
    • Mary Elizabeth Stewart (1853-????) born 1853, died.?
  • Esther Anna Moore (1841-1879) married 2 Feb 1858, San Francisco, California, born 1841 in Mississippi, died 1879, Clatsop, Oregon
    • Francis H. Stewart (1862-????)
    • Charles Stewart (1863-????)
    • Helen A. Stewart (1865-????)
    • Edward J. Stewart (1868-????)
    • Josephine A. Stewart (1871-????)
    • Alice Stewart (1874-????)
    • Ester Stewart (1878-????)



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