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Kington Fort (1853-1858, 1861-1862) - A Mormon settler Fort established during the Walker Indian War era in 1853 in Davis County, Utah. Abandoned as a fortification after the war in 1858. Reoccupied in 1861 by a Mormon break-off group commonly known as the Morrisites whose leader was Joseph Morris. After a June 1862 battle in which Morris was killed the Morrisites were dispersed and the fort abandoned. Probably named for Mormon Bishop Thomas Kington in the South Weber area. Also known as Kingston Fort, South Weber Fort and Morrisite Fort.

Kington Fort Marker

History of Kington Fort

Established in 1853 at the request of Brigham Young. The new Fort was built as a 660' by 660' enclosure to protect it against hostile Indian attacks during the Walker Indian War (1853-1854). The fort enclosed about 25 cottonwood log homes connected together by a 6' high compacted earth walls. The fort was never attacked and by 1858 had been abandoned as a fortification.

In 1861 the fort was reoccupied by a Mormon break-off group commonly known as the Morrisites whose leader was Joseph Morris. The Morrisites rebuilt the fort with adobe walls and new adobe homes. Morris came into conflict with the civil authorities and the acting governor Frank Fuller sent the militia commanded by Robert T. Burton to the fort. The militia fired a cannon into the fort, killed two women and wounded a teenage girl. They then assaulted the fort killing Joseph Morris, John Banks and two more women. Eleven people died in the conflict.

The Morrisite community scattered after the death of their leader and the fort was abandoned.

Current Status

Marker only near the intersection of 6650 South and 475 East in South Weber City.

Location: South Weber City, Davis County, Utah.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.14611 Long: -111.96925

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  • Elevation: 4,420'

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