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McGregor Armoury (1913-Active) - A Canadian World War I era Armoury established in 1913 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Active military installation.

McGregor Armoury Rear.
McGregor Armoury Tank Display.
McGregor Armoury.


Established in 1913 just prior to World War I in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was originally designated the North Winnipeg Drill Hall. Designed by Architect Herbert E. Matthews, based an a standard Department of Militia and Defence plan.

The building is rectangular with a basement and three upper floors. At each of the four corners is a four story square tower. The main entrance has an arched a double-door entry leading to the main drill floor. The North and South sides have rows of 13 foot high arched windows that provide light to the main drill floor. Internal balconies on the second floor overlook the drill floor.

Facilities inside the building included separate bowling alleys and separate shooting galleries in the basement for officers and enlisted men. Separate enlisted, sergeants and officer's messes complete with kitchens were provided. The third floor had a large space for social occasions and a caretaker's apartment. The remainder of the building provided classrooms, office space and stores.

Current Status

Active military installation. The Fort Garry Horse Museum and Archives occupies former caretaker's apartment on the third floor. Outside there are displays of a Sherman tank and Lynx recconnaisance vehicle and a small memorial area. On Canada's Register of Historic Places; Recognized - 1994.

Location: 551 Machray Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Lat: 49.92784 Long: -97.14032

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