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Mexican Border Wars (1910-1919) - Started in 1910 at the beginning of the Mexican Revolution as a series of conflicts along the U.S.-Mexican border. The United States stationed thousands of Army troops at forts, camps and in towns along the border to prevent the warring factions from attacking border towns on the U.S. side.

The 1916 attack on Columbus, New Mexico, by Pancho Villa caused the U.S. to send troops over the border under the command of Major General John J. Pershing, (Cullum 3126). Known as the Mexican Expedition this action was billed as an action to capture or kill Villa and his men, not as support for any of the factions. The action succeeded in reducing the attacks but did not capture or kill Pancho Villa himself.

U.S. entry into World War I shifted the focus away from the border and as the Mexican Revolution came to an end so did the border raids. By 1919 the raids had diminished and troop levels were reduced. Most of the temporary U.S. Army border camps were abandoned by 1923-1924.

Mexican Border Wars U.S. Army Posts (edit list)
Post Type City State Begin End GPS Notes
Tecate Post Post Tecate CA 1911 1914
Fort Lajitas Fort Lajitas TX 1915 1920 29.26241,
Castolon U.S. Army Depot Depot Castolon TX 1903 1911
Fort Holland (1) Fort Valentine TX 1918 1922 30.54943,
Fort Huachuca Fort Fort Huachuca AZ 1877 Active 31.54927,
Camp Furlong Camp Columbus NM 1912 1923 31.82760,
Camp Shannon Camp Hachita NM 1917 1922 31.91888,
Camp Cochise Camp Cochise AZ 1910s 32.11361,
Camp Don Luis Camp Cochise County AZ 1910s
Camp San Bernardino Ranch Camp Bernardino ? AZ 1911 1917
Camp Harry J. Jones Camp Douglas AZ 1910 1933 31.34457,
Camp Bisbee Camp Bisbee AZ 1910s
Camp Newell Camp Naco AZ 1911 1945 31.3409,
Camp Benson (2) Camp Benson AZ 1910s
Camp Cooks Ranch Camp Lowell AZ 1910s
Camp Lochiel Camp Lochiel AZ 1910s
Camp Christianson Ranch Camp Nogales AZ 1910s
Camp Little Camp Nogales AZ 1910 1933 31.34457,
Camp Arivaca Camp Arivaca AZ 1916 1920 31.57553,
Camp Ray Camp Pinal County AZ 1910s
Camp Ajo Camp Ajo AZ 1910s
Camp Somerton Camp Somerton AZ 1910s
Camp San Diego Camp San Diego CA 1911 1917?
Camp Walter R. Taliaferro Camp San Diego CA 1916 1918
Camp Lawrence J. Hearn Camp Palm City CA 1916
Camp Otay Camp South of San Diego CA 1910s 1944
Camp San Ysidro Camp San Ysidro CA 1912 1913
Camp Campo Camp Palm City CA 1910s
Camp El Centro Camp El Centro CA 1910s
Camp Holtville Camp Holtville CA 1910s
Camp John H. Beacom Camp Calexico CA 1911 1920
Camp Calexico Camp Calexico CA 1914 1916
Camp Andrade Camp Across from Algodones CA 1910s
Camp Langtry Camp Langtry TX 1914 1917 Although not called a Camp, Langtry, Tex. appears as a military station in at least 6 entries in Cullum, years ranging from 1884 to 1888. Called a Camp in (Cullum 2965)
Camp Glenn Springs Camp Glenn Springs TX 1916 1920
Camp Presidio Camp Presidio TX 1914-1915 1920
Camp Shafter Camp Shafter TX 1916 1920
Camp Marfa Camp Marfa TX 1913 30.29709,
Camp Holland Camp Valentine TX 1914 1918 30.54943,
Camp Comstock Camp Comstock TX 1914 1917
Fort Bliss Fort El Paso TX 1849 Active 31.80185,
Camp Owen Bierne Camp El Paso TX 1916 1919
Camp Newton Baker Camp El Paso TX 1916 1920
Camp Stuart (2) Camp El Paso TX 1916 1917 31.82612,
Camp Michie Camp Del Rio TX 1914 1922 29.36928,

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