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New Fort Congaree (1748-1754) - A British colonial fort established in 1748 in present day Cayce, Lexington County, South Carolina. Abandoned in 1754.


Built in response to hostile attacks by French allied Indians and the capture of George Haig, a deputy surveyor, justice of the peace and militia captain in March 1748. Construction of the palisaded fort began in August 1748 and was completed in February 1749. Total cost to South Carolina was 500 pounds.

The fort itself was surrounded by a moat and palisade probably with four bastions. Inside were an officer's house, at least three barracks and probably several other buildings. It was built along the Congaree River about two miles north of the Old Fort Congaree and just south of the fall line. Across the river was a section of the Cherokee Path that headed north to the Catawba Nation (now U.S. Hwy-1).

The first commander of the fort was Ensign Peter Ormsby who commanded a garrison of about 33 men. In 1750 Lieutenant Peter Mercier became the commander and increased hostile Indian activity brought two ranger companies to the area. These companies operated out of New Fort Congaree

The garrison commanded by Lieutenant Peter Mercier abandoned the fort in 1754 to join Colonel George Washington's expedition to the Ohio River. Lieutenant Mercier was killed at Fort Necessity on 3 Jul 1754. The fort was not regarrisoned.

Current Status

Archelogical remains only in the town of Cayce, Lexington County, South Carolina.

Location: Riverland Hills subdivision of Cayce, Lexington County, South Carolina. Map point is approximate and may not be accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.96589 Long: -81.03939

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