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Ogden Arsenal (1920-1955) - A U.S. Arsenal first established in 1920 near Ogden, Weber County, Utah. Combined with adjacent Hill Air Force Base in 1955.

Ogden Arsenal Ammunition Storage Igloo
Ogden Arsenal Smokeless Powder Magazine
Ogden Arsenal Administration Building

History of Fort Ogden Arsenal

Former Ogden Arsenal Administration Building now Ogden Air Logistics Center HQ, 2015.

Established in 1920 as Ogden Ordnance Reserve Depot to store excess ordnance from World War I. In 1920 a total of 1,410 acres were purchased for the facility and construction continued through 1923. Between 1923 and 1936 was used as a general storage depot because of reduced funding. In 1927 the designation was changed to Ogden Ordnance Depot.

In 1936 the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Ogden Ordnance Depot included the expansion of the arsenal to include the manufacture as well as the storage of bombs, shells, and other ammunition. New buildings and ammunition magazines were built and many other improvements were made.

In 1938 the Arsenal began the production of bombs and other munitions and construction of an air depot on the arsenal property.

During World War II the Arsenal production greatly expanded to include various calibers of ammunition and bombs up to 2000 pounds. In 1942 the functions came to include the storage of combat ready vehicles and the Arsenal work force grew to 6,000 personnel.

After the war the Arsenal served as a collection point for serviceable materials and a disposition activity for war surplus.

The Korean War gave the Arsenal new life and the production of mortar shells and hand grenades increased employment at the Arsenal to 3,000 employees. After the war in 1955 the Arsenal was combined with Hill Air Force Base and Army ordnance functions were moved to other locations.

Current Status

Part of Hill Air Force Base, Weber County, Utah. Some buildings remain. Map point is the old Arsenal administration building.

Location: Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Weber County, Utah.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.131781 Long: -112.0231676

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