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Ogden Point Battery (1939-1954) - Ogden Point Battery was a Canadian coastal gun battery at Ogden Point, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Deactivated in 1954. First location also known as Breakwater Battery.

Ogden Point Breakwater
Ogden Point Breakwater Light
Ogden Point Breakwater Tip

World War II (1939-1945)

Part of the Harbor Defense of Victoria and Esquimalt Harbors.

Originally built as a single 12-pounder QF MK1 gun mounted on a MK1 mount (15 degree) emplaced on the breakwater in 1939. Relocated to the pier in 1940 and replaced with a 6-pounder duplex gun in 1944. The duplex gun was emplaced until 1954.

Current Status

No remains, no period guns or mounts in place.

Location: Ogden Point Battery, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Map points are approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 48.414898 Long: -123.391182

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  • Elevation: .....'

See Also:


  • Morgan, David, Forts of the Canadian West Coast - Victoria/Esquimalt Defenses, CDSG Journal, Volume 9, Issue 2, May 1995, page 16-24.


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