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Paulus Hook Fort (1776-1783) - A Patriot Revolutionary War fortification established in 1776 in present day Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey. Named Paulus Hook Fort after the location. Captured by the British in 1776 and held by them until 1783. Returned to Patriot control in 1783 just prior to the British evacuation of New York City. Abandoned as a fortification in 1783 at the end of the war.

Paulus Hook Fortifications Showing Lee's Raid Path (A)

History of Paulus Hook Fort

Paulus Hook Works

A Patriot Revolutionary War fortification established in 1776 near present day Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey. Located on sandy spit of land across the Hudson River from Fort George in New York City. Captured without a fight by the British in 1776 and held by them until 1783. Significantly improved by the British and used as a major headquarters and transit point throughout the war.

British improvements to the Patriot defenses included a central circular redoubt with six heavy guns, a secondary oblong redoubt with four guns and a magazine, three blockhouses and three barracks.

Patriot Major "Light Horse Harry" Lee (Henry Lee III) mounted a largely successful raid against the British at Paulus Hook on 19 Aug 1779. Lee's troops had difficulties in reaching the fort because of the salt marsh surrounding the fort but still managed to surprise the garrison. The Patriot attackers killed 11 and captured 108 British troops in the raid. Lee had to withdraw before reinforcements could be brought in from New York City just across the Hudson River and the fort remained in British hands for the duration of the war.

The British evacuated Paulus Hook on 22 Nov 1783 and sailed away. Three days later the last of the British forces left New York City on what would become Evacuation Day, 25 Nov 1783.

Current Status

No remains, monument and plaques. Located in a 15-block area centered at Washington and Sussex Streets. Monument located at the corner of Washington Street and Grand Street in Jersey City.

Location: Washington and Sussex Streets, Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.71455 Long: -74.03791

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