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Pembina House (1803-1823) - A Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post established in 1803 in present day Pembina, Pembina County, North Dakota. Abandoned in 1823. Also known as Fort Pembina.

Pembina House Locale on Roulett Street in Pembina. Overbuilt with Levees on the right and straight ahead.

History of Pembina House

Established in 1803 as a Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post located on the north side of the Pembina River where it joins the Red River.

Abandoned in 1823 after it was determined that the post fell on the American side of the U.S.-Canada border. The first international boundary marker west of the Great Lakes was placed just north of Pembina by Major Stephen Long of the U.S. Army in 1823. The Hudson's Bay Company then withdrew back to Winnipeg.

Current Status

No visible identified remains and the area is heavily overbuilt with a protective levee system. There are no markers or signs near the reported location on Roulette street. The nearby Pembina Visitor Center has information on all of the forts established in and near Pembina.

Location: Pembina, Pembina County, North Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 48.96757 Long: -97.24117

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  • Elevation: 775'

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